Dr. Jérôme DÉSIRÉ


Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry



– 1994: Graduated from Orléans University (France)

             C-glycosides synthesis

– 1998: PhD at Orléans University (France) with Dr. J. Prandi

              Synthesis of carbapentofuranoses and β-arabinofuranosides phospho-inositols

 – 1998-1999: Post-doctoral Fellow at Toulouse University (France) with Drs. J. Prandi and G. Puzo

              Synthesis of epitopes of Mycobacterium smegmatis

 – 1999-2000: Post-doctoral Fellow at Exeter University (UK) with Pr. M. Shipman

              Iminoglycals and iminosugars synthesis

– 2001: Assistant Professor at Grenoble University in Pr. J.-L. Décout group

             Aminoglycosides and thionucleosides synthesis and biological evaluation

– 2008: Assistant Professor at Poitiers University in Pr. C. Len group

             Cyclodextrin dimers synthesis and properties

– 2010: Assistant Professor at Poitiers University in Pr. Y. Blériot group

             Iminosugars synthesis and biological evaluation as glycosidases inhibitors

             Reactivity and structural/conformationnal studies of carbohydrates intermediates




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